About Cafe Kombucha

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“Once upon a time, there was an unloved, listed, late 19th-century building that called out to be rediscovered. Formerly a council office, it sat lifeless, full of strip lighting and carpet tiles. Then along came Sarah who fought a stressful battle; fighting off competitors with business plans and avocados, wowing the landlords with tales of seitan, kombucha and unlimited plant-based possibilities and benefits. They finally saw sense and handed over the keys to the 3 storey building" 

And now, the new story begins. In November 2018, 239 High Street became home to Elgin's first ever vegan eaterie.

Being vegan is not a prerequisite of visiting; our food is suitable for everyone!



Please get in touch should you wish to hold a private function outwith our usual hours.

We currently only accept reservations for private functions.

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