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Emaline Delapaix...

Thursday 20th June 2019

Join us for an intimate concert with Berlin based, Australian, vegan, singer songwriter Emaline Delapaix and her lapsteel/electric guitarist Lukas Creswell-Rost who is originally from Leeds but now lives in Berlin.

"Emaline Delapaix is an Australian singer, composer and musician who lives in Berlin Germany with her big orange Canadian cat Reece. She writes emotional and gently-joyful folk pop on piano, acoustic guitar and baby celtic harp. Some say she sounds a little like Kate Bush or Tori Amos, but she also loves a lot of Scandinavian music: music that invokes the weather like storms and warm sunsets. Emaline's lyrics explore the human condition and thought provoking topics such as mental health, feminism, the human condition as well as nature, animal rights and adventure out on the open road. After a difficult year of illness and depression, in 2010 Emaline decided to quit her day job in Toronto, Canada, moving to an isolated fixed caravan in rural Eastern Germany close to the Polish border where she taught herself to play 3 instruments and lived for a year and half before settling in Berlin as a professional musician. Since that time she has performed over 500 shows all over Germany, Europe, Australia and Canada, creating a dedicated following and becoming well known for her raw and passionate live performances. In Spring 2015, she made her film debut as a silent narrator and composer for the Arte German/French Television documentary 'Helden der Zukunft' (Heroes of Tomorrow), an environmental film set in the future looking back on the current crises we are facing today. Aside from music, Emaline is also a vegan and animal activist who regularly gives a % of her CD sales to local animal shelters while out on the road."

Tickets are £12.50 and available at Cafe Kombucha and limited to 30 maximum. You can visit us, phone the cafe on 01343 551093 or email on to secure a ticket!


We cannot guarantee tickets at the door due to the small numbers available.

Tapas and refreshments will be available too (we will bring you more news on that soon!)